Dan Cormier -Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

I used to live and work in Asia 10 years ago. During my stay there, I had the chance to travel to other places including Thailand. I had heard from other western people while visiting there, that I should try Thai massage and told me they had good results from trying it themselves. Having to deal with stiffness in my neck and back issues for years, I decided to try it and take Thai massage. After 3 sessions, my body started reacting in a very positive way slowly healing itself back to normal. After seeing this for myself, I took an interest and visited different Schools in Thailand. Hearing from locals that Chiang Mai would be the best place to learn Thai massage as it's the place where some of the best Schools are, and where it originated, I started researching it and took some courses in there. Some of my studies where in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Sunshine School) and some were in Calgary, Canada by a teacher who practiced in Thailand many years. I have learned many different techniques and styles during my apprenticeship and will pursue my studies even more in the future. Thai massage has taught me to learn different techniques and approaches to try heal people with different issues through stretching and acupressure. I believe we live in a very fast and stressful life and too many of us do not take care of our bodies the way we should. I try and take time with every client to document every issue and understand what I can do to make them feel better and live a better life. I also feel that we can continue feeling good by ourselves by doing certain preventative exercises combined with Thai massage and live a life of pain free without over medicating ourselves.